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released February 24, 2012

words and music for tracks 1-6 by Ben Robson
words and music for track 7 by David Paich and Jeff Porcairo
All instruments played or programmed by Ben Robson
samples from stuff. (don't sue me please, i'm broke)

art by Riley Wycoff



all rights reserved


Robot Zombie Army Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

enthusiastic bedroom metal from the bowels of heck, PA. support your local substitute teacher!

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Track Name: Bridges
Living shadows on my river,
Monsters in my sky.
Lost inside a daydream
I hear bridges pass me by.

Come and swim the cosmic tapestry
One moment at a time
We’ll break this circle, baby,
You and me.
Track Name: Activate
Break me.
Turn me to an effigy and burn me into history.
Shake me.
Splash the ocean on my face, cover steps I can’t retrace.
Wake me.
Take me away.

Days are ticking by like seconds,
Minutes stretch to borderlines
Time is just a magazine,
In pages I find myself confined.

Mind ablaze, inward eyes glazed.
Activate the second phase.

Change me.
Open every door I’ve locked, bathe me in the aftershock.
Rearrange me.
Reshape my component parts, reconfigure random art.
Wake me,
Take me away.

Coalesce and disassemble
And construct the great beyond
Until the throes of mortal coils are gone,
All gone, all gone, all gone.

Mind ablaze, inward eyes glazed.
Activate the second phase.
Track Name: Thump Thump Thump
This is the dawn of a new machine
We are the wires and gears.
Pages turn and we unlearn
Lessons of all those wasted years…

Children of privilege shunned and cast aside
Claw through the damned, the pain is justified.

Now, now erase, now replace
Every word with empty space
We consume, we contain
Bring down the skyline, and bring the rain.

I know there’s no turning back now.

Children of Eden, watch your garden grow -
Witness the meaning you are not meant to know.

Now, now erase, now replace
Every word with empty space
We consume, we contain
Bring down the skyline, and bring the rain.
Hide the face, forget the name
Drench the landscape with steel and flame
We consume, we contain
Bring down the skyline and bring the rain.

Track Name: 42
Life is nothing!
Love is nothing!
Hate is nothing!
Everything for nothing!
Track Name: Statistics
To never have loved, to never have lost
To never have gambled the planet away,
And swallowed the cost.
I would give my life to have my life back
And to pick up the dust of the pieces
That slipped through the cracks.

‘Cause I don’t have a reason to lie anymore,
And if I’m not at peace, then I must be at war
So batten the hatches, hold to the wall
All are for one now, once and for all.

Douse me with lye, peel back my skin
And disturb every festering demon that’s lurking within.
Punish my superego, unleash my id
And I’ll have my revenge
For the things only I know you did.

So I’ll vote in the madman, tear down the czar
Close up the wound and pour salt on the scar
I’ll break through my prison, smash away the chains
Burn the remainder…
Burn every piece of you in me, broken memory,
Burn everything that remains.

Let’s be realistic: I’m just some dipshit,
One lonely misfit in a world built to bleed.
It’s so simplistic! We’re all statistics!
Dropouts and addicts, teen pregnancies.

You can’t erase me, you can’t replace me
Come now and face me, baby, PLEASE.

Falling over, stone cold sober
Useless flesh and bone
We were bolder, we got older
Look how much we’ve grown…
Little people, born to die alone!
Track Name: Strange Distant Lights
Georgia, 3AM, the movie's over.
Through the window of the charter bus,
I catch a glimpse of strange distant lights.

Shimmers in the wind waft across the highway.
Stars and skyscrapers sing to me,
While I should be asleep...how far from home?

I was just a stupid kid,
But I'm just as stupid now as I was then
And the city passed me by,
But I didn't ask its name and we never met again
If the people that we were
Met the people that we all grew up to be,
Would we want to see ourselves?
Would we want to be ourselves?

Goodbye, Disney World - the party's over.
In the waning Spring, I look back and see the exit sign
No trace of night...
And the days to come are strange distant lights
Track Name: Africa
look em up you lazy SOB